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I just got my three pygmy chameleons today and they are so cute 1 male and two females. I have them in a 38 gallon aquirium with a screen top, there set up is pretty cool I think. I am able to get the humidity up to around 80% with misting but my tank temp stays between 65-70 is that normal or to cold. I have read probably 10 diffrent sites and find conflicting sayings about temp so I just wanted to ask those who have pygmys. Thanks
The problem is we can also give you 10 different answers. Keeping chameleons varies based on a lot of different factors.
The basic answer to what you ask is the temp should be about 70 and not allowed to get to 80. At 10 degree drop at night is good for them. Hope this helps.
Based on their native habitat that's probably fine, but I would provide a small, low-wattage basking light so that they can warm up to a fair amount warmer than ambient when they want to. The little bit of data available suggest that most chameleons, regardless of whether they come form hot lowlands or high elevation montane forests, seem to prefer to maintain body temperatures around the mid-80's F most of the time (though they are better able to operate at lower temps than most other groups of lizards), which they achieve through behavioral thermoregulation. Providing a small basking light and those ambient temps allows the animals to thermoregulate just as they would in nature.

The basic answer to what you ask is the temp should be about 70 and not allowed to get to 80.

Hmm... seems odd me asking but how do i lower my temp, as mine seems to sit around 75-80 even after misting and i have no way of regulating my light unless i switch it off, the temps are alot lower at the bottom but he still spends all his time at the top :confused:
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