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whilst i make a couple of adjustments to my male veiled's viv i need a temporary home for about 12hours so i can let the sealant set and fumes disappear.

i have not other viv's and don't know of anyone with a spare. i live in the UK so it's not warm enough for him to stay on his yukka tree or free roam whilst these improvements are done.

any other ideas about what i could do with him? i'm worried about him getting cold and stressed.

thanks :)


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possibly, my dad's an electrician so should be able to rig something up! i'd still worry he'd get stressed tho, i have a very manic dog who races around everywhere, also i've not had darwin out for more than an hour before so don't know if he'd bask happily or want to go off and roam. he has a 6ft yukka tree which he loves.

guess i could put him in my bedroom so the dog couldn't get to him and clear a space around the tree (which is in a pot with wheels!) so he couldn't disappear and hide somewhere.

thanks for the idea! hopefully get this done tomorrow that way i'm home all day and so is my dad who'll be doing the DIY!!


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Could you get a large tupperware type container (65 litres or so) and cut a hole in the lid, screen it over and put some branches in it for a temporary home? The light can be put over the screen...just be sure not to bake the chameleon! It can be fed and watered in this container.


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I have an idea it may work for you if its only gonna be a little bit to fix the viv can you keep him in the shower? Put a few blankets on the ground around the plants base. You can clamp the heat lamp right in there for basking. The only thing that may be difficult is the uvb light that you are using.... Just a thought:rolleyes:
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