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Just wondering what thoughts were on digital infrared temperature guns?

And which ones get used the most/what do you have?



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I have a few laser temp guns but they only measure the surface temps of
solid objects.
To adjust and monitor basking temps, I use a digital thermometer with a
wired probe, which I put in the basking location right where my cham will be.

This way, I am measuring the whole area and not just one tiny surface spot.

You want to get a good reading of the surrounding air where the basking spot
will be.
A laser temp gun cant measure air temp.


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I prefer using temp guns to track the cham's body surface temp quickly whenever I wish, day or night. I don't have to leave anything in one spot in the cage, and can measure the temp of anything around the cage any time. I also like to check it once they have been in the basking spot for a while...to make sure they are not getting hot enough to burn. One problem with classic type thermometers is that they are either biased by the housing (the plastic or glass for example) or measuring the air temp that isn't really where the cham is sitting. I suppose its all in what you are used to.

There are several brands of simple inexpensive temp guns...I happen to have a couple by Pro Exotics (www.tempgun.com).


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As Psychobunny said, I like to use an infrared temp gun to check surface temps and animal temps, but use a probe thermometer to get an idea of air/ambient temps within an enclosure.

I personally use the ZooMed brand of both items at home and here at the LLL breeding center, if you're looking for a particular kind that works well. :)



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I had my IR Temp Gun before I got chams. I remember getting mine at an auto parts store (O'Reilly's, Autozone etc) for about $19. I use it often on my chams now for surface temps in cages as well as body temp.
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