Team Spluffie - a little update!

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Yesterday, my crested gecko girl laid her second clutch of fertile eggs. These have taken a lot longer than I thought to arrive, as she laid the first ones almost 8 weeks ago! The first clutch are looking good, although the eggs haven't grown much yet. Here's a few pics I wanted to share!

Second clutch laid yesterday (10th May 13)

A couple of comparison pics of both clutches. The eggs with the 1 and 2 dots on are the first clutch and the ones with 3 and 4 on are the latest ones.



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Babies! Yeah more babies

Tiff that is great! More babies to come. How much longer before the first pair should hatch?

Speaking of babies I just saw that your first human grandchild is a boy. Congrats and now you can start shopping and be ready when he arrives.:):):):)

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Well, the first eggs are 53/54 days in and the earliest they could hatch is day 65, but I am not incubating them very hot, more like mid range, so I bet they will be anytime after that. Apparently the eggs don't swell and grow too much until a couple of weeks before they hatch - they sweat first and then grow! ANNNNND .... I candled them earlier and saw some movement inside both of the first two eggs!

Yep, the scan showed the human baby is 99% boy. He will be amazing! :D
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