Teaching Chameleon to drink from water bottle... video

Unnatural, unless the cham is sick and not able to drink I see no point.

I saw this on FB, too, and from what I recall the huy is hoping to train the cham to use a hamster water dripper to reduce water dripping in the cage (the hamster dripper needs to be licked to drip water). He said the cham now does this "ok", which I took to mean he doesn't have to hold the cham to get it to do this. That's pretty cool, I guess. Although, if he's also misting and stuff, maybe it is superfluous? At any rate, just the fact that he can train the cham to do this is amazingin.


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Unnatural, unless the cham is sick and not able to drink I see no point.
I mean, chameleons being in captivity is unnatural too, so. I say if it doesn't hurt the cham and allows it to get proper hydration, go for it!


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Saw it too, and read all the many, many comments. He explained himself well, seems to know what he’s doing, and has a Cham that obviously fully trusts him. I fully support what he’s doing.


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Seen another person who bent the tip a bit so that the ball couldnt seat all the way, which causes a constant water droplet and very slow drip.

Honestly everything we do to these guys is unnatural, so might as well go full ham and pick the best non-natural. We dont have;screens, "feeder" bottles, fixed basking spots, variable uv light distance, sched rain storms, etc. Everyone is fine with "cooL" feeder bottles, but when you go for the hamster water bottle, people think you are crazy :)

I still think its funny looking at the "dog" hamster bottles when they are in the travel crates.
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