Taking Rupert outside


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So I want to take my chameleon, Rupert, outside to get some sun today and I have two questions.

1) Should I take the entire enclosure outside or remove him from cage and plop him in a plant?

2) If its very sunny out but only 65 degrees, is that too cold or will direct sunlight warm him up enough?

I live in NJ too. I took my little guy out this morning. Feels warm enough under direct sunlight. I had him soak up some sun for an hour. I have a fake plant I purchased at Michael's. I usually just put him on that for his sun time.
Does your little guy hide from you when you open the cage? My guy runs to the back as soon as I open the front.

Just dont want to stress him out.
He's not as skittish now. He's pretty used to me now. I leave the screen door open when I'm home so he got used to me being around, I guess. I also have the fake tree right outside his cage so he just walk in and out of his enclosure. He doesn't come up to me to be let out like some of the other members' chameleons on this forum; but he'S not difficult either. So we're in good terms. Hehe.
I just took these pictures now.

That's pretty much how his enclosure/free range is set up.

That's Dexter chilling outside his enclosure.

So he's pretty used to me walking by him all the time.
what i did when my guy was little...
i sat in front of the cage with the door open,
i worked on my laptop and kept still and quiet.
he got used to me being there.
after a couple weeks of spending hours in front of the cage he started coming closer and closer and i started hand feeding.
now he loves me:D
Thanks for the replies! I am going to try the fake plant thing in front of his cage.

Do you just take that plant outside once he is on it to get the sun?
Both. If he's chilling on the plant already I just take the plant outside with him already on it. But sometimes I still have to take him out of his enclosure.

On a side note:
If you're going to use a fake plant similar to the one I have just make sure you prop it firmly with heavy objects on each sides. The fake plant I have is fairly tall and very light, so it topples over even with just a slight breeze. It fell over already with Dexter on it. He was stressed by it but, luckily, unhurt. Learned my lesson. So just a heads up.
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