Taking pics of sleeping chams


So I would really like to get some pics of Aesop snoozing, but I don't want to disturb him. How do you guys get your sleeping pics? Will a flash wake him up?
The flash will give your cham more vibrant and saturated colors
the opposite is true for almost anything else you take a photo of with a flash
my chams dont wake up from the flash ever. Only if i move some leaves out of the way will they wake up.
Cool. I may try the flash in a while, I want him to be really settled in before I risk doing something like waking him up. He seems to have chosen the palm at the front of his enclosure as his sleeping spot and the leaf he sits on sticks out past the front the enclosure when the door is open and pushes up against it when its closed. The other day some crickets got loose, and I didn't remember to put some gutload in for them until after he was asleep so I GENTLY opened the door, causing the leaf he was on to move forward, put the lettuce in, then GENTLY closed it, pushing him back, so I guess he's a reasonably sound sleeper.
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