Taken Too Soon, RIP

Well folks I have a very heavy heart this afternoon. Despite my best possible care and spoiling I lost my new baby panther chameleon today.

It was a sudden and I could do nothing but watch as his life was fading, his suffering ended after half an hour of my trying to use shower steam and mistings to improve him before he died in my hands.

I cried hysterically the whole time but now his suffering has ended and he may rest in peace. Though I will miss him dearly and I hope to bury him under some perennials soon.

Sleep well little one. You were taken far too soon.
I'm so sorry. I just got emotional reading that. He will never be forgotten! Do you know what happened?
It was a very traumatic experience for me. He gasped for breath many times and in the end I told him it was okay, he didn't need to suffer anymore. That's when his color faded and he passed on. I have only ever seen a pet betta die brutally once and this was far worse.

I dont know what happened but it was a very sudden onset, I know it wasn't respiratory though as there was no gaping and cracking. I almost think parasites that he couldn't fight off. But I can't bring myself to have a necropsy done on his little body, so I really have no idea.
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