Swollen Eye / Sheding for the first time 3/4 month old male panther


Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon - Panther (fireball bloodline. Got him from FL Chams) Male 3/4 Months old. Had for 1 week now.
  • Handling - 2 Times. Opening box to put him in his home. And just now to get pictures... He dose not like photos.
  • Feeding - Med Crickets, Spotted Roches (Dose not seem like he likes them) Horn Warms (1 or 2 ) Silk Warms. I use Rapashy Superload and carrots
  • Supplements -Rapashy Calcium Plus LoD (daily as was told on here too)
  • Watering - Little Dripper, Mister. Mist every 2 hours for 2 min's. And at noon I do a 5 min mist. Drinks from the Mister and off plants but not his dripper.
  • Fecal Description - brown/black and white
  • History - Only history is FL Chams (fireball bloodline)

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - Retpi Breeze 16x16x30 Screen (am building a 3x3x4 cage for adult)
  • Lighting -Zilla Slim Line Tropical Fixture w/ Zoo Med Repti Sun 5.0 UVB T8 15w (long tube type) and a Exo Terra Daylight Basking Spot 50w
  • Temperature - Basking 83/85F bottom is 70F
  • Humidity - 40-50 and when I mist it jumps to 80-90
  • Plants - Fake Plants and vines. and a real Devil's Ivy
  • Placement - Was in Living room. Moved to Dinning room (we don't use) In the corner
  • Location - Central Oregon Coast (USA)

Current Problem - This is the 2nd time I have seen him w/ a Swollen Eye. It goes away but I managed to get a picture today. Then got him out of his cage (he got pissed off) to get more pictures but the swollen eye went back to normal.... Im worried something is wrong with his eye. Or is this how they clean there eye?

Also had him for 1 week now and this is the first shed. I've upped his misting alittle every 2 hours for 3 mins and still at noon for 5 mins.

Pictures of Cage / swollen eye / when I got him out and acouple days ago for just to see him :)
swollen eye .jpeg


Okay! I was hoping so but it scared me. I got on the computer and was looking and looking for information on it and then just started looking for the best repti vet to go tomorrow! I put him back in his cage and will just let him be :)


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You can breathe now.
He will do it mostly when you mist him. I try to get mine to do it at least twice a week for good eye hygiene. I give them longer hand mistings to encourage eye cleaning.
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