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Hello, i have a breeding pair of bearded pygmy chameleons, and my female has recently developed what looks like a swollen bump over her nasal cavity.
She has recently laid her 3rd successful clutch of eggs and she has gone down hill since then. She was a very avid eater and recently since developing this bump under her eye on her nasal cavity it has gotten bigger and the skin looks whitish, she has become very lethargic and is not eating properly.

Now i know these little guys do not have a long life span at all, but i was wondering if anyone had encountered this before and if there is anything i can do for her. She has never displayed these symptoms before let alone any illness, she has been very hardy. I do not know if she possibly had retained some eggs during her laying period or not :( if anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

I do not know her exact age because my pygmies are wild caught, i estimate her to be anywhere from a year and a half to 2 yrs old.

They have live plants and eco earth substrate in their aquarium. They do not eat the plants and or the substrate, and are cup fed.

They have a daylight t8 bulb, and their temps are between 71 and 76 during the day and drop to 68 at night.

Misted twice daily and food changed daily.


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now that i actually see it, and know how your set up is, there is no way this could have been an injury due to husbandry or esthetics in the cage. i want to say cricket bite, but that is probly a long shot of what it really is. there could be a builed up of something, (water, calcium, vitamins) if she was egg bound, light discolouration would most likely occure in the vent and back legs area (like my last pygmy). it could also be an internal growth (tumor, cyst). i really hope you can get some help here ange, it sucks when nature takes its course and theres not much we can really do :(
i know the husbandry is perfect for them because they have just been thriving in it for over the past year. She normally was extremely active and i highly doubt it would have been an injury due to the environment because she developed this bump after passing her eggs and it has gotten bigger ever since :( it just sucks because theres not much i can do for a pygmy vet wise, due to their size it is impossible to accurately diagnose a problem like this let alone find a vet who is knowledgeable and or willing to deal with them. If at the very least i wish i could just ease her is she has any pain or discomfort you know, but i really hope someone who has seen this before posts back to me.

I dont think it would be a cricket bite either since they have always strictly been cup fed. I'm thinking it is most likely a tumor or a build up or some sort :(
its not fun being the little guys. i hope that this is just a small infection that will heal naturally, but if it's her time, i hope she goes peacefully. shes an awsome brev ange and you've done a stunning job keeping your bearded pygmies! but time will tell
ouhhh i hope so as well :( im going to try another warm misting for her tomrrow. theres not much to my knowledge of what to do since they are so small and fragile and i have never seen this conditon before. i wish i had some sort of antibacterial wash i could try lighting swabbing it with. i wanted to try some polysporin but i'm too afraid to try a topical since it looks to be under the skin. idk what to do!!! :(
i wouldnt attemped to put any ointment (sporins, etc) on a face of a small species like this. risks of getting it in their nose, eyes and mouth can be hit easily.
It looks like an infection to me. If so, it would need to be cleaned out, a culture and sensitivity test done so that an appropriate antibiotic can be given.
Linda, i will be sending you a conversation between myself and Sandra from BC. i dont have time to do it right now, but will later on this evening. im just giving you a heads up
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