Surprise for my kids!?!?


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Good evening...

I can't sleep so here I am on CF sharing more of my crazy ideals. I'm looking to do something different this year for Christmas (if not this Christmas, next). I'm wanting to build a bed club house or an outdoor club house. I have 2 wonderful children, 7 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. My daughter lives with her grandparents (long story) and we unfortunately don't get to see her very often. So it will be s surprise for her.

Anyways I'm looking for ideals. We live in a tiny apartment so space is limited, one reason why I mentioned bed clubhouse. But then again I don't want my son following out of bed. Then I thought about outdoor clubhouse, but I would have to lock it up at night because of the landlords kid.

Anyways, my son is missed feelings about karate and cars. So, whatever I plan I need to include those themes. I was thinking about if I did the bed clubhouse, I could open the bottom up where he can have a small table and chair with his books in there. Maybe a racetrack platform. My mom wants to pay to put him in karate this year. So I was thinking about something to do with karate in there as well. But since this is an apartment it will have to come apart to be moved.

Then here's my ideal for an outdoor clubhouse for my son: I want it to be big enough where he can have fun. Table and chairs, outdoor toys, and even a sandbox. I would like if to be there for him when he wants to play, rain or shine. Then if I have to, lock it up if needed.

My daughter princess castle bed ideal: pretty much the same. Table, chairs, dress up closet, play kitchen, tea party, chalk board, etc.

I love my kids alot. I just want to do something different. Anyone have any suggestions?
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