Supplement Schedule?

Hi! I have a new baby veiled, and I’ve done a bit of research as far as calcium supplements but everything varies quite a bit. I was hoping that if I share the schedule I’ve worked out, I could get some feedback on whether it would work or not. So, Im planning on dusting with regular calcium (without d3) at every feeding, calcium with d3 once every week, and a multivitamin (I got Herptivite) every other week, as well as feeding crickets with Fluker’s orange cubes. Thoughts?


Chameleon Enthusiast
no orange cubes, I would get a better artificial diet like cricket crack and/or bug burger along with some organic fruits and veggies as for supplements no d3 every feeding, d3 twice a month and multivitamin twice a month, vary up the feeeders with roaches and worms like silks supers horns and phoenix/bsfl
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