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I just introduced my cham to superworms and he likes them more than likes waxworms. Nutritionally speaking, how do superworms stack up against all the other available feeders? I gotta say I don't like handling much, but if thats what he enjoys, I guess I'll sacrifice.
hey zero,

Check out the nutrition article at chameleon news: article link. It has a chart that compares waxworms, superworms, crickets, and others. Basically superworms are not good to use as a main food source, but are good for adding variety to your cham's diet.
I keep a live plant in my chams enclosure and I occasionally let some superworms burrow in the earth, after staying there a couple of weeks I usually get a few beetles for my chameleon to feed on.

I discovered this quite by accident really, I had no idea that superworms became beetles.;)

Heres what they look like:

I had that happen a couple of times as well. Does anyone here know if the nutritional value is the same? Different? Bad? Good? For better or for sickness and in on so forth. Any info would be great.
Wow...I guess I never really thought of that, although I should have since I spent the majority of my first 16 years collecting every single insect known to man(in the Midwest that is). I would be interested to know how the beetles match up nutritionally to the worms though.

You bring up an interesting question concerning the nutritional value of superworms vs. the other typical feeders...I have browsed over some of the charts like the one Brad mentioned...I always wonder about the scientific accuracy of some of those tables/charts and what diets these feeders were on from these studies. At any rate, it seems like the general consensus is that superworms may be too fatty to be used as a staple food source (again not sure how much of this is based on medical evidence). As an owner I find superworms one of the easiest feeders to take care of as they do not require much upkeep (e.g. compare with silkworms), don't make much noise, and can last a long time. I still have thousands still alive from some I ordered 5 months ago. Variety is always important as my chams are pretty bored of them lol...

I just found one of those beatles crawling around one of my plants the other day...much scarier to me than the larvae/worms...last one I found my chams would not go for, however
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