Supers. Dead or cold?

I have a box of supers. I've always stored them in this box with success. But it isn't insulated very well with the cold weather. I've noticed they have stopped moving about 95% I was wondering if they are just too cold or if they are dying on me?


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bugs reactivate quickly. If they arent moving by now, they are probably dead or near death. You could put the box on a heating pad to warm them up faster, then you would know for sure./


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if they are cold and stiff and kind of shriveled they are dead if not they could be freshly dead or possibly alive but superworms don't do well in the cold so I would think dead

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If I where you I would get new supers and put them in an insulated box for warmth
Make sure you give them water using carrots or other water containing foods.
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