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Wats going on guys. This is my first post and trying it out for the first time ha.

I have a veiled chameleon about 7-8months old. Hes in proper screen caging with live pothos and branches. Have him under a reptisun 5.0 and a 60w regular household lightbulb for a basking spot. Chameleon is healthy, extremely active, and never had a major eating problem.

Around 5 months in he stopped eating crickets altogether and switched him over to superworms with no problem. Recently he switched back to crickets while still eating supers. The past couple of days he refuses to eat anything (crickets, supers, waxworms)

What is going on?!?!

Hello, welcome to the forums, you will be amazed by how awsome this place is, while learning so much about chameleons! :)

well chams do get hunger strikes when they get bored of food...

either let him starve for a few days (healthy chams can last a couple weeks without food:eek:)...or bring up a new feeder.

also i suggest not to keep superworms as a main staple even if properly gutoaded.

some feeders to look for are

dubia roaches(can be a staple but switch it up)
silkworms( can be a staple but swithc it up)
hornworms(good hydration)
butterworms(awsome high calcium)
Blue Bottle flies(culured not from outside)also fun to watch:D
certain butterflies
locusts sure there is more :p
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thanks for the advice

ive been looking into purchasing some phoenix and silk worms as a new food source and see how that goes.
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