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Recently the bay area was warned of a possible 5 day power outage.

The low humidity plus wind and tempature won’t be great for my girl so should i just put her close to my window and hope for the best with the UVB?

I know they can go a while without eating in the wild but should i just slow down on feeding to like 5 crickets a day and hope she is okay?

( kinda having anxiety about this )


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She should be okay for a few days with no power. My power went out for 3 days and my chameleon was okay.

Putting her next to the window won’t do anything for UVB since windows cancel out UVB. If there is the opportunity to take her outside (weather permitting) that’d be your best bet if power goes out.

Maybe there are battery operated heaters you could look into if temps really drop.

Not sure how feeding her would be impacted by a power outage. I would just feed her as you normally would.


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No need to change anything except maybe moving her closer to that window for the ambient lighting, She will be fine,

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A lot of people that live in the hills, mt.Shasta, weed..etc.. have generators with back up fuel for emergencies, if that could be an option for you
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