Succulents for enclosure


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I was wondering if any of you had any experience using succulents in your enclosures, I saw on Flchams plant list that Jade plant and hen and chicks were ok and I have a couple of really nice Jade plants I was maybe going to put in my enclosure, my question is I always let them get really dry before watering and I don't know how that would work with the misting system. Just curious if any of you used them before and if so where did you place them, how did they do etc. Thanks!!


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Although they are non-toxic, succulents require an environment (arid, hot, bright, dry) that is approximately the opposite of what you find in a chameleon enclosure (humid, wet). I'm obsessed with succulents, but wouldn't try them in any of my chams' enclosures. You could certainly try, but I wouldn't get your hopes up!

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There are a variety of thornless forest cactus, some grow like vines, low light and wet, google search it. I almost got some, but had already had my setup setup lol..
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