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Wonderin What Substrate I should use In my repterium. I have a 100 gallon with a female veiled chameleon. I currently have no substrate and would like to add some because my cage looks plain with out it lol. Can anyone give me any suggestions. Thanks a lot.
i dont use substrate because whne they shoot a cricket or bug, if some gets stuck on they're tounge, they die. ive heard u can use dirt u should ask some other members.
Thanks. Currently I have no substrate and was considering newspapers but would like to add a substrate for decoration but one that won't harm my cham.
"The chameleon handbook" made referance to substrate in regards to veileds utlilizing a 1:1 (peat moss and sand). This is the only real referance to a natural type substrate that I have read about. I do use this for the top portion of my plant pots and my egg laying container.

Most people would recommend never to use substrate. I personally agree for the most part. There are some associated health risk with it. It does take longer to clean. My problem with it is the drainage. With a female it could complicate egg laying. It is possible, really you are doubling the amount of work you have to do with your chameleon and doubling the risk. Some times unwanted bugs will start appearing with the presence of open moist soil.

If you look on this site and alot of dart frog owners site some people like to use backwalls in their enclosures. You can use alot of these same techniques and decorate your plant pots. This will add a little color in the lower portion of your cage with no real associated dangers, as long as you research well.
Thanks guys appreciate the advice. I think I'm just goin to add another plant maybe a pothos or 2 lol and just stick to no substrate my chams health is not worth making a cage look impressive. Thanks again guys.
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