Stud service!!!


Talking about my chameleon ladies:p
I have been watching my nosy transform to manhood and wondered of people ever stud out their chameleons? Im sure you would have to have something special, or does it happen often? I don't have a girlie yet:(


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I offered Blaze for a Stud but I only wanted locals..everyone who wanted to use him were not local and I was not to keen on shipping him to someone I don't least locals you can be there..


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Studding is an iffy thing. Who pays for medical bills if something happens to the stud? What about parasites? Coccidia? Quarantine? Should the stud be shipped out under contract or the female shipped to the stud?

Too many problems may arise.

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Yeah its alot trickier with reptiles than with cats or dogs. I wouldnt trust anyone with my guys or gals. They could return and infect your whole collection with what they contracted. Not worth it imo.....

Texas Ranger

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I think the only time this could work. Would be if you had a buddy that had what you needed that lived in the same town as you. Then yall could get together and hang out while the chams did there thing. Then go home. And do it all again the next day. But even then you would have some things to worrie about. Stress of travel, new enviroment, parasites etc...


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as it goes: pimpin' aint easy!


so true, but yeah man consider all angles when dealing with other people, make verbal and written agreements, on how, when, and where, and even the eggs and vet bills and food/housing supply

overrall i say wait until you get a girl of oyur own

but if oyu know someone well enough that i easy to work with then go for it, just becareful
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