Stuck shed?


My girl (7mo f veiled) has been in shed the last two days and everything has come off but some on her tail and a tiny piece on her leg, both in photo . Should I be worried or is it natural?
how do I help her get it off? I know you should never pull on any of the skin.


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Make sure you are not spraying her directly. The shed comes off naturally with the layer of air between the skin and shed. If you spray her it makes it stick back to the skin which causes it to not shed properly. As already stated by camo it can take a few days for all pieces to shed. Typically feet and tail are last to shed.


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I flutter between 40 and 55, but I've been spraying down her enclosure more often with her in shed
Yes as Beman said try not to spray her directly. Boosting her humidity to 70-80% overnight might help. It's not constricting her so it's not a big deal she will get it off on her own no doubt. They use their tails so frequently.
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