String of bad luck and appreciating the little things


Chameleon Enthusiast
So the last week I have had a massive string of bad luck day after day. It eventually caught up with me u
yesterday. Had a meltdown due to stress and because of all the major things happening etc. I feel like I have gotten nothing done. Well with my car out of order until tomorrow I decided to stay home all day and get work done where i could. I reduced my massive list of 15 things down to 6. Have 7 orders of dog treats in and just pulled out 2 full orders of cat treats and 2.5 orders of dog chews. Add that to the geckos looking good (females specifically) for weight gain, and the scorpions eating well, I will take what happiness i can get from that and run. XD

Anyone else having a hard first month of the new year?
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