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My adult male Veiled is still a brown colour with a few bits of green and white on him. I have his vivarium situated behind my couch where I am now, in clear view of the computer screen. Could this affect his stress?

I was thinking of moving him onto the floor, so behind the couch and wont be able to see the computer screen.


He will feel most comfortable as high up as you can get him.
Putting him at floor level or "behind the couch" will stress him even more than he may already be.
The computer screen shouldn't bother him as long as he feels safe high up. close to the ceiling as possible!

Oh ok. Just thought maybe seeing the odd Chameleon picture on the screen might stress him..


I've just turned his heat light off and left him for 10 minutes to get comfy. He's changed to a green colour with yellow dashes, just like he should be.

Could this be a sign his heat bulb is too hot? It's a 60W bulb, positioned above the tank (all mesh viv) and sits about 6" from the highest point..


To say if its to hot you need to measure it...

A adult Veiled sould have around 90-95 F at the baskingspot. But as Brad said they dont feel secure when they are at low lovel. My cham is around 2 meters up when shes basking and there is she happy.
Its 80-90F at the 5" mark below the basking bulb.

I'm buying him a 48" x 18" x 30" Vivarium this week, hopefully all problems should be solved.


They get very light, relaxed and calm coloration when sleeping.
I don't think your basking spot is too hot as long as the temp regulates down
in other areas away from the basking branch.
The new 4' enclosure will help with this.
From bottom to top the temps in my cham's enclosure range from 68 degrees to 88 degrees.
He moves about depending on where he feels most comfortable / whether he wants to bask or not.
They need to be able to get away from the heat.
Night time temps should be in the mid to high 60's (in my opinion)

Yep thats all fine etc.

Just when I first got him and sometimes when I look at him (after I come back from work) he's green and yellow, then when I've been in 10 mins he's back to dark colours.

Would it be because he's not used to me?

Again....higher up.
He will feel 10 times more comfortable with you in the room if he is above your head.

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