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my chameleon seems pretty stressed because when he's under his basking light he puffs right up including his throat. I'm wondering if it's because of a piece of skin that wont come off on his forehead, it has been there for a week now and im wondering if there is a way of taking it off? hes just a baby.


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Could you take a picture?

Also, I would not take the skin off. Let it fall off by itself. I would suggest misting his head gently. Start misting his tail and then work your way up to his head, making the skin wet.

Also he might be puffing up/dark near the basking light in order to absorb more heat and light.


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I agree with SaintJimmy, my cham sits under his light and will puff his throat up and get dark, but it's their way of taking in heat. As far as the shed, the best thing to do is mist with warm water, my cham hates directly being misted, but he loves the shower. I usually hang a vine in the middle of the shower and let warm water bounce off the walls onto him and the vine during his sheds. It's a great way to make sure they are drinking, and the steam from the warm water creates lots of humidity (just make sure the water isn't too hot).

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most of those seem pretty irrelevant to my question, how the heck to I get the extra skin off his forehead since it hasn't come off?

not trying to be rude, but why would you refuse to fill this out? you asked for help, and yet you do not want to provied the needed info ?
this is how they tell what is right, what may be wrong, and anything that can help make your little one happy and healthy - the skin could be stuck because the cage is to dry, or the skin could be stuck because sometimes its a vit/ issue - but they can not help answer this to you, what is your hum/ in your cage- what do you feed, how do you dust? they do not ask this to you so you can just fill it out for no reason - and the ppl on here who do take the time to help need to know this so they can give correct info back to you :) there really is a reason they have this - and it is good info for you to make a copy of and keep for your records :)
best of luck , and welcome to the forums ;)
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