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has anyone here had problems with stress in handling their chameleon?
i just got a male chameleon a few days ago and i've handled him once each day, i am going to cut back to like every 3 days or so.
i hear all over that you can't handle your chameleon but i also hear that their chameleon likes to be handle... so i dunno?
so has anyone had a problem with handling their chameleon?
I've had alot of 'problems' handling my chameleons, yeah. They get right stressed out about it. They do all have different ways of showing their stress, but they do not like to be handled. I find that the older and bigger that they are, the more tempermental they are, same with species.

Wht kind of chameleon do you have? How old is it?
it a male Veiled Chameleon, and it's a baby (not sure excatly)

someone told me that if i start out handling him every three days for a month and then start increasing the amount i handle him and start hand feeding that he will start to enjoy being handled.

and i do hear about people who have their chameleons that will walk on their hands when cleaning the cage. and there was one that said they let them roam around the house and the chameleon always finds it's way to the owners head.
IMO, handling ever 3 days is too much. They're not pets that are meant to be played with all the time. Of course he's friendly right now, they always are when they're young, they do develop an attitude when older though. Also, when they're older it literally hurts to handle them sometimes. And it visibly stresses them out. Also, hand feeding can do more damage than good sometimes. I would let him eat for himself, honestly.

Small exception, i've had my veiled for 6 years now, he has never been the one to be taken from his home, hiss and puffs up everytime, until 2 weeks ago where when hand feeding him he hoped onto my arm and strolled up to my I can't get him to go BACK to his cage on some days! so the older they get doesn't automaticaly mean the meaner! :) good luck
From what I've heard/read, different chams just have different personalities. Some tend to be more shy, some more standoffish, and some can be quite friendly.
I've also heard that babies stress more when handled than adults, because in the wild young are often prey for other animals, so they are extra cautious (thinking we might have them for a snack).
With the whole hand feeding issue, I hand feed one of my young chams all the time, but without food, he runs when my hand is near. So I don't know. All I can say is that each chameleon is different. You just have to know yours.
I think most of the time chameleons only tolerate our presence/handling. I think where the confusion lies is that some people advise semi frequent handling to get the chameleon used to you so that you can handle him/her when they need to go to the vet etc. I have been keeping chameleons for over six years and I would say only one individual (that I kept in the past) actually seemed to enjoy human interaction, a Fischer he was.
Agreed that it seems to depend on the individual animal AND the chemistry with his/her keeper. I had a Jackson's that loved to bask on the wire patio table just at fingertip distance from me -- and he knew which way to run when the crows showed up. One of my panthers is truly a social animal and happiest hanging out in the kitchen, preferrably on my shoulder, while we're preparing dinner. He will occassionally take a piece of steamed veggie from my hand if he thinks it smells good. A second panther will have little to do with me but actively seeks my husband's attention and delights in chin rubs. The third, who is young, is happy to be hand fed but if there's not a worm accompanying the human he heads for the hills. I think this is just part of what makes chameleons such compelling creatures to us.
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