stress or just being odd?


I have a happy and healthy male veiled chameleon. Yesterday I transplanted a new hibiscus plant into the tank. I layered live moss to grow, and some sheet moss so he wouldnt bother with trying to be by the bottom. Mostly he seems to be up in the top, loving the plant. I also started using a fog machine to maintain a higher humidity while I'm away. When I came home today, I found a hole dug in the corner and him covered with dirt. His spurs on the heels shows he is male. I just don't understand why he would do that. He eats healthy, but surely prefers his worms to crickets. I wonder if changes due to fogger or new plant are the cause. I had a different plant in there before, and he never acted as such.
I'm not terribly concerned about the moss. The digging is the issue. He has once a day for the last few days, I have no idea if he is eating it or not. I'm not sure how his poop is supoosed to be, though I checked today. Seemed semi chrunchy. He eats his worms with an appropriate gusto, and crickets he will snack on all day. He munches on the hibiscus sometimes. I mist dozens of times a day so he ought to be getting properly hydrated. I'm just confused to why he would. Again, his tarsal spurs and his skin changes suggest he is a male, so he shouldnt be laying eggs.
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