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Corvo, my male veiled of 7 months has been acting strange lately. I know that chams are strange creatures to begin with, but when i fed him larger crickets and i also started feeding him super worms. But sometimes throughout the day i will see him really puffed up, with the big chin and all, and he would open hs mouth really wide and kind of do a little wiggle with his body. After that, he would go back to his normal chameleon self. I realize i might be giving him too big of feeders but he has been doing great with them for about 3 weeks. He has also been pooping so i know he is not impacted. The only question i have is how do i know that he's choking? How fast does it happen? I see him chomping on the ficus leaves i have in there also. But i'm not worried right now, i just want to know why he looks like he is going to pop sometimes haha. I've seen this going on for a few days now just about once a day sometimes twice.


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My guy has done that a time or two (well i may have only seen him a time or two), but he has done it before shedding. I think it helps him sort of break the skin so it may shed easier or something. The opening may help start the shed around his head and puffing up may help stretch the body to start the process on his sides or something.
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