stockin up on reptisun 5.0's woohoo


Friendly Grasshopper
so i just got back from my local pet shop, i was there getting crickets and was just taking a look around the store and found some zoomed 24" reptisun 5.0 bulbs they were on sale for $8 ech i couldnt belive it so i grabbed them all. haha the funny thing is she said that they were on sale because they dont sell:confused:the only other bulbs i saw were the exo-terra ones?? do many people here use the linear exo-terra bulbs as well? but good for me LoL, i am just happy and here is really the only place i think anyone will apprechiate my find :D
you could even make a few bucks and sell them. if i were you id buy them all and sell them for 25shipped if the shipping isnt expenssive
Hoj, will you be a kind sir and hook a brotha up? :rolleyes:
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