still not eating


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my new guy still isn't eating and is going threw a shed now.
i still don't know if i should be worried or not. i have attached some pics
any advise will be greatly appreiciated. i have never had one act like this. im hoping that being neglected like he was will ware off soon. i even tried a small hornworm to no avail. i have given him
that flukers you suggested. i can't even get him to hiss at me. so i just leave him so he won't get anymore stressed out. today is the first day he has come down off the roof of his cage.


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as far as i know with today it has been about 11 days. i started giving him repti-boost today which is a very stressful thing to do . in order for me to get him to open his mouth i have to hold is casque and pull on the skin below his bottom jaw and even at that its a war to get him to open his mouth. but i feel if i don't do this he is going to die. any suggestions?
Glen, I hate to say he does not look good. Are his eyes always closed like that? He looks very thin. A chameleon can go weeks without eating, but the key is they have to be of a decent weight and in good health to begin with..
his eyes are open most of the time. he only has them closed when he is under his basking light. i thought he looked a little better today after he had a drink which he still does on his own but still no food thats why im trying the repti-boost . i just feel so bad when i have to hold him the way i do to get him to open his mouth. he doesn't even hiss.
Glen, what are you using for a basking bulb?. What wattage and what temp? He should not close his eyes when he basks unless the light is bothering his eyes, which apparently it is.
i am using a 50w zoo med basking bulb the temp where he sits is between 85 and 93 degrees when we first aquired him he hadn't had either a basking or uvb they were blocked by a thick piece of plastic. the person who had him had no idea of what they require. as far as i know he was like that for 2 weeks. until we took him home to try a help him.
hmmm...that doesn't sound like anything that should be bothering his eyes. That temp could be a little warm though in the 90's. Why does it fluctuate so much?
the temp goes up due to the # of lights on in the room he is in. i have 8 cages in the room all with basking lights and uvb's. i have1 male vield, mom died due to old age, 14 babies(vields) him, bearded dragon , 3 pygmies, water dragon, frilled dragon,
i can't put him in the bedroom as there are no plugs that are not in use.
Heya that seems a big gradient to be fluctuating you may have said but how old is he and what food you offering him? What's his poop like?
he is about 4 mths i have tried 2+3 wk crickets ,wax worms, small hornworms butter worms and he just spits them out so now im trying the repti-boost which he has only kept down 2 out of the 3 times he's had it. his last poop was 4 days ago and it was pure water.
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