Sticky Velcro


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Well I had one hell of a scare this morning. I was doing my morning misting of my pygmys and couldnt find one of my females. I looked at the floor of the tank and she was stuck to my hydrometer that had fallen off the glass, I dont know when it fell. She was stuck to the stick part all 4 legs and her stomach. In a panic i used my wifes fingernale polish remover (dont know if that will hert her or not) afterwards I misted her for a few minutes to wash off the remover. So if you use velcro theremomiters or hydros I recomend you dont. I will be removing every thing sticky from inside my pygmy tanks.


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hope she is ok and good piece of info. I used to use the anolg thermometer with the velco and I found it falling off all the time too so now I have a digital that I have attached to a wrung of a ladder that I have in the cage.
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