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I got a egg satchel of stick bugs last month at the last SB Chameleon Keepers meeting and they finally hatched. Thank you Steve, :D. I think they might be Mantid's though, idk. They kinda look like them. I put some pinhead crickets in there in case they are. If not, any idea where I can get some bramble in Riverside?


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Those are mantids, stick insects lay individual eggs called ova as opposed to the "sack" that mantids lay called ootheca.
Baby mantids may not start eating for a few days but yes, they should be gone soon. Im assuming they are chinese mantis, or something similar, so you are going to have to seperate them very soon unless you want them to start cannibalizing each other, its almost as if they prefer to eat each other :p.
They seem to do okay together if they have a LOT of room and food for a little while. Maybe to l3 or so.
If I can get some cages built I can put them inside an exoterra terrarium. They would have plenty of room to mature. I read if they have plenty of food they should be okay and wont cannibalize each other.
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