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So I've had my chameleon almost 5 months now, and he is about 9 1/2 months old. I've seen so many pictures of Panthers much younger, but still quite a bit larger and colorful. Oliver is about 8-9 inches long, and while I see him getting more and more color, it is still minimal.

I feed him 9 - 13 crickets a day ranging from 1/2 - 1 inch (I get them from my local pet store, which only has sizes small and large; so I get the large.)

Do you think something might be wrong? Or is he maybe just a smaller chameleon?

Input is much appreciated. Thanks
He started getting fed up with my phone being in his cage...


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the cage he is in right now is 18x18x36. The stick he is on goes all the way across the cage. Maybe that info will help with sizing.
I'm sorry, I can't really tell anything from those photos :/

Perhaps tomorrow morning you can take him out for a second and get some photos of him without the backlighting. Natural light will help us see what is going on with his coloration better, I think.
He doesn't let me hold him. I've tried hand feeding to introduce him to me, but he has never been interested. I've held worms in my hand for 10+ minutes and nothing.

Would it help if I took a picture of him next to a ruler or tape measure for sizing? Or is it the lighting you are worried about? :confused:
I can't see any of the colors (or non-colors) because of the lighting in the cage and because he's in front of a basking light. So he just looks dark and blue from the light. I don't think that's probably what he looks like in person. Perhaps if you use flash that might help, too.
Will do! I have a partial free range set up a few feet away from his cage and in front of a window. I'll try and get him onto that tomorrow. If not I'll try flash. Right now though, his colors really are just a light baby blue, and since he was upset with me his accents were dark... He really doesn't have much color. And since I got him directly from kammers, I have no reason to believe he might not be a male.
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