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I've Been Misting My 4-5 Month Old Female Veiled Mega About 3 Times A Day. Been Doing this for the past 4 days. I wasnt doing this before and have noticed slight things that appear to be indications of better health.

Should I Be Putting Additives In The Water I Mist With? I had a waterfall and was using a sample of something but ran out. I havnt used my waterfall b/c of new knowledge on better ways to hydrate my little friend. Let me know some suggestions on things to add to the water or what you do. What are some good products to add to bowels or falls if using one.

I also bought a bottle of skin conditioner about a weeks ago. Is this a good product? It says it helps the shedding process, but proper hydration itself should have the same or better effect.

Should I Spray With Water Once Or Twice. And Skin Conditioner Once.
B/C I Dont Think Mega Should Be Sucking Drops Of That Of Her Head For Drinking, Even though its just water and moisturizing agents..as far as I know.
Just keep in mind that the large chameleon companies aren't using bottled spring water, and almost guarenteeed aren't putting additives into the water because of the amount of chamleeons that they care for at any given time. And they are always up to health standards. There is a possibility that somemight use an 'RO Water Filter' unit, but I don't think there is much else you can do when you have automatic misters and hundreds of chameleons. Even just a handful of chameleons with a misting system would use up way too much bottled or filtered water.

Dont use the skin ointment unless you have a chameleon or reptile with a difficult shed.
Depending on your source of water, fluoride and other substances may exist that can adversely affect animals over time. Chameleon News has a great article that covers some of the topic:
Water - The Most Important Nutrient of Them All

You would need a very large RO unit(s) to handle the number of chameleons the large companies care for. I assume that could be very expensive. I really do not know what the larger companies do; there is a good chance their water source is better than mine. My area is known to have higher levels of fluoride, so it is something I have worried about. I have a small RO unit I use for myself and my single chameleon. When I run low on filtered water I often use reptisafe. There is exposure to normal tap water in the shower, but since this is such a small percentage of my cham's water intake I think it is ok. Here is a quote from the article link above, "In reptiles, fluorosis can mimic the signs of metabolic bone disease (MBD)."

Fluoride is more poisonous than lead, and just less poisonous than arsenic - Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products -- 1984

Will: is water fluoridated in Canada?
wow i never knew about all this, ive never been told this for read it anywhere. Im gona have to make sure that i sort this out for my cham!
Brad said:
Fluoride is more poisonous than lead, and just less poisonous than arsenic - Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products -- 1984

Will: is water fluoridated in Canada?
Yes. No one keeping any herpe has had noticable problems as of yet. There are the odd people that think they need bottled spring water (Actually containing LESS needed nutrients, and waterbottles have a very high biodegradable rate beleive it or not, so yes, you are drinking plastic particles).
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