Spikes Wound After treatment DAY 2


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Well it looks like the hole is closing up, his eye on that side is starting to open, I tried to put my hand out for him to climb on me and he took of running - So, he has energy to move, he's a wake which is good put 4 baby crickets in the cage 1 is still left in the cage (so he ate the other 3!!!!! Here is the latest picture of day 2 after his vet visit! Compare pictures and tell me if you see a significant change in healing! If he looks better then yesterday's picture?


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It looks better thats for sure... Chams heal slowly though, so it will take a long time and a bunch of sheds before it is fully healed.

Great news overall! Very encouraging that he is successfully hunting and eating and even better that he is opening his eye on the affected side.

Keep up the great work!~
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