Sperm plugs


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So sniper passed a pretty good sized plug yesterday and one smaller one today. My question is how are they supposed to be. Like are they all hard and almost dried looking? or are they supposed to be filled with fluid *how I would think a "sperm plug" would be.* The one yesterday fell out without trouble but the one today was kinda stuck and he ran up to me so I kinda held it while he walked up my arm. (ew) lol but yea he was happy after that. Took a picture of the plug and him. I didnt get one from yesterday. =(

soooo sniper passed yet another plug that ive seen. Its more moist this time but small still. do they get bigger as they grow? Also any reason why he let another go so soon?
The sperm plugs will gradually increase in size as your chameleon does, their size also varies based on the individual. In regards to consistency, very few excretions will be in a fluid like state, things such as puss, sperm plugs, and tissue will typically be relatively solid. The only observable time in which the seminal discharge of your chameleon will be in a liquid state is during reproduction with a female. That being said, the sperm plug should still seem relatively soft and slightly moist. Check around your chameleon's cloaca and the region where the hemipenis recedes, try to observe any irregular bulging or swelling in the region. It is possible for a hemipenal obstruction/blockage to occur and these are symptoms of said occurrence. If you have anymore questions please feel free to PM me.
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