Species? Who can Guess 2


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Furcifer peteri or willsi?

The rostrum has me me thrown. Is this a young chameleon? It looks like it, but he also looks a little too well endowed to be very young. If it's older, than scratch those two guesses.

Is it at least in the furcifer genus? Maybe I'm looking at it too hard and it's a pardalis? verrucosus?
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Thats what I thought! I have recently looked into that species, thats the only reason I knew. They are like miniature panthers. Do you have some of these?
Haha you lucky terd! And I was just telling Chris Anderson the other day how much I like the species that resemble stunded Furcifer pardalis like this one and Furcifer angeli.

So, how about an early Xmas gift Mike? Comon! Better get started on those CITES papers!
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