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the first chameleons pictures are taken inside, the second outside,
thanks, i will post more pictures in the reply.:)


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again, outside and inside. the last picture was taken inside


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Now I’m a little confused here. You made mention on another thread that you now have a male Furcifer verrucosus. I’m not seeing him pictured here, correct? The nine pictures I am seeing are of a female Furcifer verrucosus. I don’t see a lot of the females; their colours are quite nice in the natural light.

Many, many moons I kept some of the verrucosus and I’ll attach a photo of a male to show you and others who may read this thread what I’m looking for in regards to the hemipenal bulge, larger casque and colours of the males.

I know you’ve been looking for these guys for a while now so hopefully they will settle in for you nicely. Don’t be shy about asking questions here either!

there is two different chameleons there, the first chameleons pictures were taken inside, and the other chameleons pictures were taken outside, im lead to believe that the chameleon that is more colorful is a male, because i have had a male verrucosus with slight reds behind the green on the stomach, and can you see the hemipenal bulge in young chameleons because my male had a big old fat tail, but i cant see it on this guy, i hope it is a male, if you could reply to this that would be great.
I still think you have two females. I suppose there is the potential for the ‘outside’ chameleon to be male but the female verrucosus are subtly colourful so don’t let that be an indication of one sex or the other. Aside from the hemipenal bulge that dorsal crest should be more pronounced on a male.

I did when pondering these animals earlier today think that the ‘outside’ chameleon was a female Furcifer oustaleti as those are very similar to the verrucosus, have smoother skin and are a nice uniform green when adults. However, the larger spaced out dorsal crest is not indicative of an Oustalets.
Both are female verrucosus. As in the picture Trace posted, the males' dorsal crest should extend down to the tail rather than terminating halfway down the body in females.
ok thank you, now i am stuck with three females, lol, i love them all to death but i need a male! BADLY!!!!thanks for your replies
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