"special" baby?


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One of the babies that hatched on the 4th of july is always falling from his plant. He always seems to be holding his head with his 2 front arms like he's trying to climb his head. He obviously can get around cause ive seen hiim at the top of his plants a few times but he seems a little "special" in the head to me. Anyone come across something like this before?
How did you "incubate" the eggs?
Are these the ones laid 5-17-06 sired by chaos?

They were inubated in the closet since October 06. Placed in a container with damp vermiculite with temps in the high 60's low 70's most of the time. These are not Chaos babies.
I have heard of this "misguided" gripping/grasping before...but its usually to do with a calcium imbalance. If the calcium balance is bad enough, the chameleon's arms/legs don't go where it intended them to go.

There might be other reasons though.
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