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You are all invited to join with other chameleon lovers in Los Angeles! The SouthBay Chameleon Keepers meeting is a free flowing get together where we share experience, admire other chameleons, and buy feeders and sometimes chameleons.

The meeting is held on Saturday, June 1 at our Dodger Stadium location. If you need directions then PM me or email me at [email protected]. I'll send the response that has the address!

SouthBay Chameleon Keepers Meeting Reminder

Chameleon Keepers,

It is almost time for our May SBCK meeting...which just happens to be on June 1! This will be at our Dodger Stadium location and we have a number of things going on. Bring something to eat or drink to share with the group. Chameleons are welcome! Just bring an appropriate carrying enclosure where they can retreat when they have had enough.

Time: 2PM to 5PM

If you are coming PM me or email to [email protected] and I will send you directions!



Jeremy Venaas will be bringing his camera set-up. If you would like a nicely done photo of your chameleon, bring your chameleon!


Bring your chameleon poop for a rousing time identifying parasites with your chameleon community friends. Who says we don’t know how to throw a party!!! J Karen Venaas will be bringing a digital microscope so we can work in a group doing free fecal analysis. This will be a great education! If you would like to bring a sample, the fresher the better. If you get a sample the day before then put it in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator. Keep it cool as much as is possible. You will see a brown portion and a white portion to the poop. Make sure to bring the brown portion!

Feeder Run:

Steve Simms has volunteered to do a feeder run. If you are looking for crickets (any size) or superworms then give him an order on the chameleonforums by Thursday night. You can either reply to the meeting thread or private message him at his screen name SSimsswiSS

See you all there!


I will be placing the cricket / superworm order tomorrow by 2:00pm So please get your requests to me by lunch time Friday. Or get the stink eye come Saturday.


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Hey guys im posting on behalf of Bianca who was the lucky winner of the Christmas baby veiled prize. The once baby is now a big boy and we need a cage so if you guys have any 24x24x48 cage or something similar and are willing to sell it for very cheap price as im a broke college student please bring it to the meeting this saturday i would greatly appreciate it. :D
I don't have a cage, but I have dubias for sale. So if anyone needs some, let me know and I'll bring them.
See everybody tomorrow! I'll try to bring a cham and cham poo:eek:
I don't have a cage, but I have dubias for sale. So if anyone needs some, let me know and I'll bring them.
See everybody tomorrow! I'll try to bring a cham and cham poo:eek:

I need Dubia's!!! Parsonii are wiping out all my roaches.

Also, I ordered a good amount of fruit flies for anybody in need of them. Hope it's not too hot tomorrow. Have lots of bugs to get to members.
You're welcome. I have more if they power through those!

Thank you for having Dubias for sale. The parson's have been eating them up mornings and evening, and multiple times during the weekends. Packing on the weight. :):):)

Jeremy, where are the pictures from the meeting??? I've been patiently waiting:D
Hey, when is the next meeting? I have a Panther and live in DTLA, I'd definitely like to come.
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