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Ok so as I was falling asleep tonight(this morning) the thought came to me. I know everyone recommends keeping the cham a quiet environment, but has anyone ever tried using one of those nature sound generaters? Just curious. Just thought it might be an interesting idea to try. G'nite all!


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Well, I think quiet means more of a traffic area. If they are not wild caught- they would not know that natural sounds mean home. For a captive, the sound of a washing machine or music (mine doesn't mind either) may be considered normal.
If you want to do it, go ahead, but I do not think it will have much of an affect. Write back if it does- I am currently researching enrichment practices- not much is known or done on reptiles, in one of my classes.


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I don't think chameleons can hear, at least not like we do. They could pick up on vibrations from loud music or something similar.

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Hi all

As brad has just stated it thought that chameleons cannot hear,some specie are known to vibrate ie ground dwelling chams which could be a form of communication

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