Sorta a stupid question(s)

When you go to the petstore and purchase a chameleon how do you bring it back to your house? On vet trips how do you bring the chameleon there? What should the temperature be? And humidity? And misting times? Also how often to use calcium D3 and without D3 and multivitams? What if at night the temperature doesn't drop that low? Also can I have a lavender tree inside the chameleon cage?
I've found that on trips the cage shakes a lot, so I usually let my chameleon crawl around on me. If you're alone, and someone can't help watch your chameleon, then stick to the cage. I've used a small 1 gallon fish tank with mesh top. But I mostly let her climb around in the car. I don't worry too much about temperature and humidity as long as it's not too cold.

But I'm a fairly new chameleon owner too, so I might not have the most appropriate knowledge for you.

Maybe you know about the safe plant list, but it says lavendar, but there could be different species. Find out the scientific name, Lavandula officinalis or Lavandula spica is safe.
From what I've read on the forums, I would suggest maybe looking for a breeder within the forum as opposed to getting one from a large chain pet store :) If its a local mom n pop shop go for it!
When I got my two, I let them adventure along the seatbelts and my lap as I was in my mum's car, letting me concentrate on the chams and not driving. But apart from that they came in a cricket/locust tub with no extra holes and some kitchen roll. Not good, hence why I had them out
For container I use a 2 gallon glass tank with stick in it to climb around on, or a plastic green tub that cannot be climbed out of. I tried to use a traditional wire small animal carrier (with some sticks in it) and ended up injuring the toes on the chameleon that I was trying to put into it :( Just be careful or the toes if you're using something that closes!
I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but all of these questions you have, have been asked and answered dozens of times on this forum. I would suggest you take the time to read through, not only will you answer all of your own questions, but you will probably also get the answers to questions you don't even have yet. Then when you are ready to purchase your chameleon ( i recommend a breeder over a pet store- Dr.O has amazing stuff) you will truly be ready for it. Don't know how to find the answers to your questions? Try the Search function at the top of the page. Good luck.
All of these questions depend on which type of chameleon you are looking to get. The best thing to do is research as much as possible to figure out which would be best for you...As far as transportation, Chams can get very stressed in the car. Some people get a shoe box, punch some holes in the top and run a branch through the box. If it's nice and dark in the box, your cham should sleep. I wouldn't recommend any type of light at night, It will keep them awake. If it's comfortable for you in the house, your cham should be fine. Just make sure it has access to heat when the sun comes up. And you should supplement calcium without D3 all the time, use calcium with D3 once a month. Hope this helps, and good luck :)
I always put them in a shoe-box or similar container with a piece of cloth or something on the bottom (that wont slip and slide all around.) I don't like using a branch in the box because I don't want to risk the chameleon hurting itself if it falls.

Well, if you get it locally make sure you know what you are looking for in a healthy chameleon and also make sure you ask about their supplementing, their feeders/gutload, watering, etc. Just so you can try to make the transition as comfortable as possible and to also make sure you can determine how you will supplement based on their schedule/brands.
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