Sore on Chin-Carpet Cham

Pascal Wallace

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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Male Carpet Cham, 7 months old, obtained at 2 months.
Handling - Handle rarely(twice)
Feeding - Medium crickets 2-3 twice daily and occasional meal worm. Crickets are fed with high calcium feed(flakers) and calcium fortified hydration.
Supplements - Calcium with Vit D every 3 weeks and calcium without 3 x weekly, Vitamin 2 x weekly
Watering - drip continually and spray 3-4 times daily. Have watched him 'grab' drips with tongue and lap off leaves.
Fecal Description - Half white half brown formed into small pellet. Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites? NO
History - purchased as captive bred from breeder

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Screen 24"x24"x36"
Lighting - UVB 12hrs, 60 watt incad 12 hrs and infrared heater 24 hrs
Temperature - 76-78 basking spot, 70 base, 70 Lowest overnight temp
Humidity - humidity levels 70-80%
Plants - Are you using live plants? Yes Small Scrub in pot with gravel on dirt.
Placement - cage located corner of quiet, largely unoccupied room no fans or vents close by. large window with natural light. Cage sits on cart approx 4 ft off floor
Location - Cary, North Carolina, USA

Current Problem - Pascal has a sore on chin that seems to be getting worse. At first I felt it was abrasion from rubbing on cage. Tried to get into vet last week but have apt for this Thursday-Avian and Exotic Pets in Raleigh. Any ideas?
He is still active, eating, drinking and pooping. He does not like to be handled or have his cage cleaned out and puffs up, lightens color and opens mouth hissing at me. Pictures attached if I did this right. Thanks for your input


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Chamalot Chameleons
It does look like injury from rubbing on the cage. Does he spend a lot of time on the side of the cage climbing on the screen? Does he fall or jump away a lot. Is he in view if a female carpet? Is he wild caught?

A vet will probably give you some antibiotic for the infection.

Pascal Wallace

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Vet update

Yes it was an infection. Topical and oral antibiotics. Otherwise he is healthy. Vet feels it is from rubbing on screen. He is very active if you 'peak' on him. Time to switch from aluminum screen to softer screen enclosure.
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