Soooo...Salt water fish people.?


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I just got a salt water fish tank up and going off of some couple on craigslist. It has some green stuff growing on the rocks. How can I get rid of that stuff.? And does anyone know a good forums I can go to for questions like this.?


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Hi, if it is algae you can manually scrub it off, or use a wide variety of a clean up crew ( snails and crabs). Also you can reduce the lighting schedule on your tank to prevent a large build up of algae.

Nano reef is a great forum to use to find out any info needed for your tank.


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all great forums is stellar as well. as far as the green stuff.. a pic would really help.. is it stringy wavy bubbly or hard and flat like paint..? and is it a reef tank or just fish?..there are a number of thing s t hat could be going on with it.. could be old lights...or the wrong lights that will cause algae blooms and whats livestock is in it? how big is it? i have a 55 reef 100 gallon reef and im going to be do a 40 breeder high light reef so i can keep clams, im new to chams specifically but SW tanks i got down lol feel free to pm me with any ?'s or anything


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Not a salt water expert but...
Mexican turbo snails....
Proper light cycles...

If a crab is eating the snails, trade him.


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I agree, get rid of the killer crab. I love mexican turbo snails and margharita snails. Smaller hermit crabs like blue leg hermits are a great addition also. Shorten the lighting period or even go a couple of days without lights.

Ultimately though, good maintenance is the key. If you keep up on weekly water changes, the algae will eventually die off and the corals (if any exist) will take off. Also make sure that the bulb/s are still good. Most bulbs on a saltwater tank should be changes at least yearly, unless they are LED.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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