Sooo...are Pinkies ok?!


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There has been alot of controversy over pinkies; if they're healthy, how often they should be fed, what to gut-load them with, their nutrients, too fattening...and so on and so forth.

What I would like to know, is if people actually do feed pinkies to chameleons. How often if you do? I've heard they contain many different nutrients, and can be the occasional treat for a cham. I've never fed one to my panther or veiled, but I really think they would like one.

Sooo...summing up all of my crazy questions, is this one: Are pinkies truely alright to feed to an adult panther chameleon? :confused: Thanks guys,
I have never tried myself, but have heard of many that feed pinkies occasionally, especially for egg producing females... I think an adult panther would take one just fine. Were you considering live or f/t?

p.s. I don't know how you would "gutload" them though :eek:

I think that I would only feed pinkies that I produced from my own mice, so that I could regulate the mothers nutrient intake. I dont know if I would trust a pet stores pinkies to be completely safe, as chameleons are much more sensitive to environment and food than, lets say, a ball python. Also, I would imagine that a pinkie would not die as quickly as a cricket or a mealworm, and may cause other complications, but I dont know from personal experience.
True, I would be really careful.
I really do not know the bone composition of a baby mouse, but I can say that it does not have a digestible exoskeleton as a superworm or cricket. I have not read anywhere that went for or against feeding a pinkie to a cham, but I don't think I would attempt it without someone with a lot of experience or a degree in something advocating it. Would mammals carry bacteria a chameleon's immune system is not ready for? Could they handle the difference in structure and mass? Blood, hips, skull... it just seems too much. However, many lizards can and will digest mammals, but the lizards I recall seem to be much bigger in size and tend to eat other mammals as well.
Honestly, I know nothing about pinkies- I just own chameleons so my knowledge of feeders doesn't go out of the silkworms-crickets-mealworms-moth-insect area. :D But who knows. The may provide an amazing source of calcium if they could handle their little bones and a good source of fat/nutrients if possible.

Your cham probably WILL eat it, so I'd wait until I heard from a professional. And when you find out, post it! I'd love to know! :)

EDIT: Do panthers eat mammals in the wild?

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I would be careful feeding pinkies to your cham. I would be worried about how well the cham can digest it. Also, pinkies are very high in protein and can cause gout if used a lot :eek:

Jamie said:
I have never tried myself, but have heard of many that feed pinkies occasionally, especially for egg producing females
I have also seen this. I do not have experience breeding chameleons, but I have read that pinkies can help females in certain stages of the reproduction cycle.

theorangeaffair said:
Do panthers eat mammals in the wild?
I don't know much about the little critters in Madagascar, but if it's the right size and it's moving, I assume the panthers are eating it.
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