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Hello everyone!

So my wife and I have been doing research on chameleons over the last week, and it's safe to say that we are already hooked! We are in the process of purchasing our first chameleon - we've narrowed it down to a Nosy Be Panther Chameleon. So excited!

We are looking into purchasing one from Chameleon Company, but I haven't really been able to find many reviews other than a brief mention here and there. Seems like everyone goes through Screameleon or Kamm. Although they both seem like great vendors, their prices are just a tad too high for us at this point. Has anyone purchased through Chameleon Company, or is there anyone that could give us a brief review of your own experiences? Any help is appreciated! Loving this forum already, and we look forward to any feedback or suggestions you can provide! Thanks! = )



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Hi Kyle and welcome to the forums and future ownership! I have never gotten a chameleon from them but I know people who have and have been very satisfied. I am sure others will chime in on that!
Havent bought from Cham company, but I would go through all of this sites sponsors and go look through all of their breeders and prices before you pick a cham. It'll help


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You can always watch the classifieds on here. The prices would be more reasonable or start PMing people who keep or breed nosy bes. Someone is always having babies


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epicchameleons owner Curt is cool, super down to earth and his prices shipped are some of the most reasonable if not the most reasonable on the market.

Great guy, wicked looking chams, super customer care.. cant ask for much better IMHO


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Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! We have done quite a bit of digging on available Nosy Be's, but we have become pretty interested in the Ambilobes too. Love the bright colors! Thanks for the epicchameleons suggestion! Much appreciated
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