Something is wrong with my Chameleons eye


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Hi, I have a baby chameleon he is about 5 months old. For like 4 days now his eyes have been closed.....ive tried putting water on his eyes to try to get them to open they look like they are caked shut and because of this he cant eat...and he cant see where he is going...please help me thanks
Hello froggirl,

Sitting for extended periods during the day with his eyes closed is a flashing red light that something is very wrong. If at all possible, please take him to a vet tomorrow morning. As you mentioned, he can't eat or drink in this condition. He also can not regulate his body temperature by moving around. He will not survive much longer without the help of a vet :(. The closed eyes are most likely due to an internal problem that has been going on for longer than 4 days.

help on finding a vet

If a vet can help you get him back to health, you will need to find out what went wrong in the first place. Post the details on your setup and I will do my best to help.

Recommendations on asking for help
someone told me that it might be from him shedding and not shedding all his skin but i dont know how to get that off....and i dont think i could take him to the vet cuz i have no money right now....i wish they would do payment plans ahhh i dont know what to do i dont want him to die
If the problem was due to shedding he would still open the eyes in response to the water you put on him. The reason I think it is more serious is that both eyes are closed and from your description I assume neither eye is opening after putting water on your cham.

More details are really needed before we could help you any more. Please view the links in my first response.
could also be eye infection. I really urge you to take pics so that we can see. We can help you as much as were capable of doing.
I was having a slightly similar problem with one of my chameleons not too long ago. First of all if it's not eating or drinking make sure that you help him do so. Especially if you have no money for a vet, which you should come up with as soon as humanly possible. Give him a warm shower, out of the main stream, but close enough so that water does hit him. This might help loosen the stuff around his eyes and it will motivate him to drink. Try to see if you can manage to get some food into him. He might have an eye infection of some sort but only a vet will be able to tell you for sure so you really must see one asap. They can prescribe some antibiotic eye drops and show youhow to get them in his eye. I wish both of you luck

You can try and manually feed/water your cham. There is a good recipe here: adcham bug juice. This will give your cham some energy, but it is not a cure for his current problems.

A shower could help as aeris mentioned above, but watch closely. If he has not been eating or drinking for as long as you describe, he could be pretty weak and fall off during a shower.

i wish they would do payment plans
I have never asked a vet for a payment plan, but it might be worth asking. Try calling a few.
hi i took him to the vet today. he has a vitimin def. from not feeding him a variety of foods....does any one know the vet told me i could get a formula like food for him....does anyone know the name of it? thanks
Did your cham get a blood test or any shots? Any instructions on his eyes? Check out the adcham bug juice link above.
no blood tests.....put the ointment on his eyes.....feed him a variety of foods.....if he cant see by tonight then feed him this formula....have no idea what it is called put warm water on his eyes like 2 times a day intill cleared
Give him a call if he is not closed already. The adcham bug juice will work otherwise. You can get all the ingredients (beside crickets) at your local grocery store.
Luigi died today :(

I was feeding him the formula and putting the stuff on his eyes and he was doing good his eyes were opening.............then he just went down hill in a day and died :( i tried so hard......thanks for ur help guys but no more reptiles for i prolly wont be on here anymore so thanks alot
I am very sorry to hear about Luigi :(
If you ever decide to raise a chameleon again, please come back and visit us first. We would be happy to give advice on setup and care.
im sorry bout luigi as well. You did the best you could and learned from your mishap. I commend you. Hope you stay around :)
Sorry sweet heart!! try not to be too hard on your self. sometimes animals just get sick. I'm sure you were a good mom and you did do everything you could have possible done.
Keep your head up ;)
Lady Cham
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