Something in his bottom?


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I can't believe you squeezed it to start with! :eek: It came out of her bum, so surely that would indicate it was likely to smell?! :D You do make me laugh with your dedication to your chams :)
But that's the closest to scientific research that some of us will get to :D:D


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Howdy Abby,

I zoomed-in (and brightened-up) on your chameleon's photo. It looks to be the tip of a "plug".

Here's what they look like when removed (~3/4" long):

It is often the case that when a plug shows up dried-out, they end-up needing to be gently, slowly removed by the keeper or a vet. I've removed them from chameleons at stores, other's collections, and also my own Veiled.

If it doesn't come out on its own soon enough, you have your options :eek:.
Do you have that one Framed Dave? Its the pride of your collection isnt it, admit it! Cham weirdo! :p :D


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You know, I finally caught up with this thread and realized it was NOT a good thread to read while eating my lunch. :eek:
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