Someone please help me I think my chameleon is sick...


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No one could have any idea how f'ing mad i am right now, i went away snowboarding for the weekend and when i came home everything in my room was all moved around, basicallly all my cages and what not, so i noticed yesterday that my female panther wasnt acting right, so ive been keeping an eye on her and today when i woke up she was still sleeping which is very odd, so then i took a closer look and i saw that her right eye was closed and her left one was open. SO i sprayed her with water she started drinking but her right eye still wouindt open. then she opened it a little or tried opening it but it seemed that there was some sort of whiteish yellow substance in her eye. I dont know what to do im just so mad because when i left everything was fine and now something is very very wrong. so if anyone knows of any exotic pet vets on long island or have any idea on what i could do to help her please let me know, i swear to god that if anything happens to this i am going to kill my mother and her peice of shyt boyfriend
It sounds like your chameleon has an eye infection. Just as an FYI.. it has probably been in the works for a week or more, so the room move probably didn't do it. How old is your cham? First thing to do would be to clean her eye gently with a wet q-tip and remove as much of the goo as you can. Then, if she will tolerate it, give her a long shower. A vet visit is in order, because you at least need some antibiotic eye goop, and maybe a round of baytril. The sooner you get it headed off, the better. You really don't want it to spread to the other eye.. or turn into a URI. Remember that any chameleon illness lasts forever, so plan on a month or two before she kicks it completely.

you gotta get the chameleon to the vet as soon as you can because your cham can easily survive a eye infection etc. once a vet looks at it and gives you medicine.
shes about 6 - 7 months old and as far as i could tell she was absolutley perfect when i left. I check her and all my others thoroughly every morning when i wake up. before i left on thursday i checked her out her eyes were perfect and she was her nomal self. it just is odd that as soon as everything gets eff'd with something like this happens but im gona go put do what u said and bring her to the vet tomorrow i just have to find an exotic animal vet close to my house. thanks alot
i just put her in the shower and cleaned her eye with a q-tip... her eye didnt really have much puss or anything in it , but as soon as she went in the shower she opened both her eyes up and looked to be fine, then when she went back into the enclosure she went right back to having her left eye open and her right eye shut, although she keeps moving her eye around and puffing it out like shes cleaning it, but just wont open it
maybe she just needed a shower. did you leave her alone all weekend or do you have someone to water them?
they can go 1 day without any mist .
i even think they could go 2 days without any mist on the third day they would need a serious mist event ,i would use my pressure sprayer something like 4 half hour sessions at day 3. then extra mist for the next 5 days.

know what though i think she's gonna be ok.
she was misted 4 times a day while i was gone, but as soon as she went back in her cage she wouldnt open the right eye again, then i went back and it was open but then she shut it again and wouldnt olpen it for like an hour, im bringing her to the vet tomorrow so hopefully itll all be solved
someone please me

Do you have a ficus tree in the enclosure. I had a panther male that got an eye infection from the sap of the ficus tree. I took him to the vet and she gave me some drops for his eyes and it cleared up. I have also read that they can get an eye infection from getting dehydrated.
nope no ficus tree in the enclosure all fake stuff, thats interesting that what u said about dehydrated bc i did notice her drinking a lot, but my mother swore that she sprayed the shit outta her when i was gone. shows how trustworthy my mom is haha
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