Some ?'s about pigmy chams.


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Hey, I am pretty new to chams, I had one for a while that I got from my older brother, he didn't take care of it as he should have, and I kept the same setup as him, so the veiled cham that I had drowned in his water dish:( . I have a few anoles and a long tailed grass lizard in a 190 gallon viv. Here are some of my questions that I would love to get answered. Do pigmy chams stay on the ground alot? I have 1 plant that is about 24 inches tall and I have a plant that is about 16 inches tall, and I have random smaller plants in the tank also. Do pigmy's eat fruit flies? I have lots of fruit flies and I can make more cultures if I need more.( I have poison dart frogs so I have the fruit flies anyway) Or do I need to have crickets? I already feed crickets to my anoles and long tailed lizard. What temps and humidity do pigmy's need? I was just wondering if a pigmy would be a good tank mate for my lizards. If they arn't can you guys give me advise what would be a good tank mate for them?

Thanks, Curt
You lizards will eat pygmys in no time.
You have to keep them in separate tank for sure.
They do eat everything you listed and more.
They don't really need vertical tanks, 16" high tank will do just fine.
It's hard to mix species in a tank, even as big as yours is. The pygmies do come down on the ground some, to rustle around in the substrate, so the lizards would undoubtably get them. Besides, anoles are quite the climbers, too. I can't think of anything else you could keep with the lizards, that wouldn't eventually either eat or be eaten by its tankmates. Some people manage to keep different species together for a little while, but it's pretty risky, and the stress would be great, esp. for a creature as delicate as chameleons are.
Hey, I guess that rules out pigmy chams....I really wanted one too:( Thanks for the information guys.

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