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I have a few food questions. First, how many crickets would you feed a baby veiled a day ( i know crickets arent the only thing too feed it, but its most common and i can base other quantities off of that, i have a skink and it seems to only like crickets so i will buy them most). also has anyone ever tried the canned food like crickets or mealworms? i got a can of the mealworms to try on my skink and he doesnt seem to like them, but i wonder if anyone has had luck with that or if it would even be recomended to try. Im wondering cause its easyier to keep pre-dead bugs alive than it is to keep live bugs from dying
In the three month range most veileds need about 12-18 crickets. Two week old crickets are good at first.

I do not think most chameleons would ever eat something like dead food items. They are attracted to prey by movement not smell so it is pretty unlikely that they would even reconize them as edible.
i got my veiled when it was about 1 month old. man o man could he eat!. make sure the size of the cricket isnt larger than his head. this is how i size out mine. i would put ten crickets and then count how many he had left over and go by that. but mine ate them all. mine is about 5 mnths now and eats a lil less i noticed. the older they get the less they eat. you should start buy crickets by the hundreds and get a 10 gallon tank to store them in . make sure u gutload them a few hours before you are about to feed your veiled. calcium dust them twice a week also. crickets shouldnt be the only food. change things up a bit...i buy wax worms for my veiled . but its more like a treat for him. maybe twice a week because the worms are very fatty. hopes this helps. goodluck
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