Some new pics of my Veiled...


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I was hanging around "Invader Zim's" enclosure with my camera yesterday, and I got some interesting poses...




There were also some of him hunting (no real high-speed captures yet; wasn't really set up to do that. Just captured a few quick ones)...


he looks good how old is he now and how old was he when you took some of the earlyer photos in your gallery.
Thanks for all the positive comments everyone. I'm having tremendous fun watching Zim grow up.

And despite all my friends' comments about the point of keeping a pet you can't even play with, I'm finding him a tremendously rewarding pet to own. It's like having Animal Planet in your own house.

I can't believe how much I've learnt from keeping him.

I'll post some pics of set-up soon too.

PS to wow: if you check out the pics in my gallery, I put the age he was at when each photo was taken in the information section below the photos. These ones were all taken at approximately 13 weeks.
I was kind of curious if he got a little burn on the front of his casque? I have seen quite a few males that have a little dip there.
I've been curious about that too. It's definitely not a burn - it's a solid little kink, and the scales around it are all fine. It only became prominent after his last shed.

I've been looking around for pics of other males with that sort of kink.

My first fear was something like MBD causing bad bone formation, but his limbs and back are good, and the casque is firm.

I asked Chris about it, and he said that some chams just develop little kinks like that.

So I'll keep an eye on it, but for now I guess it's just something that adds to his character...
I have seen a lot of casque that look like that too. That is why I asked. Most of the answers I have got have been no burn but still figured I would ask. You can see those colors starting to emerge in those shoots. He is going to be pretty.
These photos were all taken with a Nikon D70s using a 50mm F1.8 prime lens.

But other photos in my gallery have been taken with a Canon Ixus 50 (called an Powershot SD400 in the US) and a SonyEricsson K800i camera phone (called the K790i in the US).
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